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Travel lessons: what you can do without

1 Apr

Unless you’re the heir to an organic milk fortune, chances are you can relate to this post in some small way. That is because most of us have at some point had to live in a state of relative poverty. I mean relative to the usual high life of organic hazelnut frappucinos and faux-leather boat shoes, not the sort of living where Bob Geldoff won’t stop pestering you with offerings of blankets and malaria injections.

Whether because of moving out for the first time, going to university, or an unfortunately miss-timed investment in the trucker hat industry, we have all been forced to consider the question of what we can go without. Travelling overseas for an extended period of time is no different. Some might say the very ability to travel overseas makes this post somewhat of a farce, and they’re probably right. If this is you, I have no hard feelings if you want to use your mouse to navigate back to something more fulfilling. Otherwise, on with the farce post.

For instance, since coming to London I have discovered that I can go without a car, washing clothes after every wearing, novelty cuff links, and Nickelback. If I’m honest though, I did discover a while back that we can all do with a little less Chad. On a more serious note, I also can no longer afford to consider the moral implications of buying cage eggs instead of free-range. It tears me up every time I can assure you.

While this is admittedly a challenging situation, there are indeed some positives. For one, it is comforting to know that faced with the inevitable slump in the price of crocs futures, I will be able to ride out the hit to my portfolio with non-organic cherry tomatoes and mass-produced lager. People who know me will know how much it hurts to say that last part.

The point I guess is that it’s good to know you can live within your means if you need to. In other news: next weekend, while being a time of reflection and spirituality, also has the tendency to be one of the most boring on the calendar. So after reflecting, spiritualising, and checking to make sure Geldoff isn’t hiding in the bushes with a syringe again, I will either be attending a Championship football game, or watching the rowing between Oxford and Cambridge*. Either way I will no doubt have some hilarious anecdotes to share.

*Weather permitting. I have no intention of getting my tailor-made Vietnamese coat wet. If it does rain I will simply transcribe an episode of Two and a half men for your enjoyment.


Safe travels as always. J