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Being Unfaithful: Trying to Keep My Words to Myself

8 May

An exceptionally short post today because I’ve no wish to assault your minds with more words than necessary. That is, after I tell you of my recent foray in to actual travel writing and not the usual “travel” writing I’ve become so unwell-known for.

Far be it from me to cross-promote, this is not like the times where “current affairs” programs find ingenious ways to crowbar the upcoming season of Dancing with the Stars in to the news. Although come to think of it, Boris Johnson has just been re-elected as the Mayor of London. He likes bicycles. In fact here is a picture of him using a bike and a handy disguise to avoid his wife.

Coincidentally, my post that you can find at the upcoming link is also about bicycles and the best things to do on them in London. You can find it here:

I’ve a terrible fear that the post will break my six-minute promise. But seeing as it is on another site, I have no intention of buying any homeless people wearable tents. Sorry if that makes no sense but if you go back and read a few posts, it should all become clear.


Safe travels, thanks for reading. J