Courtesy Post: Time Flies When It Has To Escape The Weather

3 Jul

So the “irony approach” (whereby a hosepipe ban was adopted by water departments to combat the “drought” Britain was in) has well and truly worked. We are no longer in “drought” and the restrictions have been rescinded. All is well with the world!

Except that the crappy weather has stuck around like that friend-of-a-friend who “just needs to crash for a few nights” but ends up staying a fortnight, using all your hot water and eating your last bagel. So as someone once wisely proclaimed, I’m outta here!

That’s right! As surely as you just clicked on a Shania Twain video, I’m making my way to the blisteringly warm shores of Denmark again:

This weather has me so excited, I might even be able to break out my scarcely used “moderate clothing.”

I just typed “moderate clothing” in to an image search. Though I may have accidentally typed “post-apocalyptic chic”.

Anyway, this weekend (my weekends beginning on Wednesdays, of course) marks my much publicised, selfless volunteer stint at the Roskilde Festival outside Copenhagen. See earlier post for details, but I’ll generally be making sure festival goers are too inebriated to care about the infamous “urine dust“. A task I take extremely seriously.

If your not one of the roughly 100,000 people who will be attending, fear not! For I promise you the next best thing to actually being there. That’s as long as you accept the next best thing is a series of short, poorly-worded blog posts which may or may not be relevant to the topic promised. There may also be blurry photographs.

In the meantime, try and fill the time between posts by doing something profound and meaningful.


Safe travels, massive chunk duce for reading everybody. J

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