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Thought I Left, Didn’t You? Nah You Should Know Better!

28 Mar

I can’t help but feel this is a case where, despite my usual disregard for my readership, I have to apologise. Therefore, I’m sorry.

You see, I’m reliably informed by the calendar on the right hand side that the last time I posted was somewhere between “ages ago” and “who the hell cares anymore?” I had honestly intended to post at least two to three times per lunar cycle, however as I will explain, things got in the way.

As I like to offer readers an alternative to reading on and a chance to “cut their losses” so to speak, here:


Before we move on I feel I should mention a few things. Firstly, the writing today may not be up to the same standards you’ve come to sporadically expect here. That is because I’m living in fear that the spider which crawled across my arm as I slept and was subsequently flicked in to the darkness is still lurking in said darkness, waiting for the chance to exact revenge and finish the job. Should he not show himself for a final battle shortly I believe the only option is to burn down the house.

Secondly, I am no longer living in the UK.

Sorry I meant to type "shocked" in to the image search.

Sorry I meant to type “shocked” in to the image search.

In the last few weeks I have indeed made the move back to Australia. It was decided some time before then, and I did want to keep my loyal readership informed. However between continuing full time work, packing and organising, and mastering Eagle-eye Cherry on the Ukulele, there wasn’t a lot of spare time.

From now on I will be continuing to write on here, but I’m starting to realise that to set expectations for my writing inevitably leads to disappointment for all involved. Therefore I will try to post as often as I feel I have something meaningful to write about without resorting to feeble attempts to make a story out of nothing.

Hopefully I won’t be struggling too much for content for a while, as there are still things I did overseas that I haven’t had a chance couldn’t be bothered to write about yet. In the meantime if you have an idea for a story, or a hoarder I can confront about their effect on the neighbourhood, please get in contact.


Safe travels, thanks for reading. J