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Don’t expect the unexpected, or it won’t be a surprise

5 Apr

This may sound inappropriate on more than a few levels, but I’m in love. And we’ve only been out once. Twice if you count the time I picked her up. Since then we’ve spent a lovely but all too short afternoon going up and down the Thames in the beautiful London sunshine.

Before this attempt at clever writing gets any more nauseating and/or horrifying, I’m going to just tell you that “she” is a bicycle. Oh and before you think it, no, “bicycle” is not a metaphor. Here she is:

Bike at a train station, well-aware of the irony

Whether you think my writing is clever or nauseating, it can’t possibly be worse than the idea of liquid karl (eeeew!). Anyway, what I really want to talk about is stumbling upon the unexpected. I say this because getting my bike the other day involved a trip out to Brentford, West London. After changing out of my writer’s outfit and in to my civilian clothes, I set off safe in the knowledge I could be feeding some poor tweaker’s habit (as it turned out, I wasn’t).

Upon arriving early and strolling in at least a 20m circumference around the station, I stumbled across the Boston Sandwich Bar. Fresh-made sandwiches with almost any filling you want, and cheap. London cheap anyway. A fresh 9-inch baguette stuffed with chicken and coleslaw was only £2.60 = $4 AUD. I’d love to say my most exciting purchase the other day was the bike, but as I’m almost certain Oscar Wilde once said: “Sandwiches are the curse of the travelling Australian classes”. Or something like that.

There’s also a lot to be said for changing your routine once in a while. In my attempts to stave off “travelling expansion” as I call it, I try to go for the occasional jog. One day this week, instead of turning left out of the front door, a particularly large and menacing-looking bee forced me to reconsider.

After offering it my phone and wallet, it showed no sign of moving. So I begrudgingly turned right, with little knowledge of where I would end up or what insects might be lurking there. Lo’ and behold, by the time the last Toto track had finished motivating me to Rocky-esque heights, I had found not one but five (5!) pubs and a brewery. All within easy stumbling distance to my place.

The point is we can spend literally hours “mining the diamond” as some call it, looking for great stuff to do and places to go. Sometimes however, the greatest stuff is just stumbled across with no warning or searching.


Thanks for reading, safe travels. J