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The people’s “travel” blog: Suggestions required

3 Apr

I’m never one to hide the fact that I’m worried. As I write this, I feel the distinct pang of worriedness for two three reasons:

  1. Will I ever find a real English word to use instead of “worriedness”?
  2. With the year 2015 fast-approaching, I’m worried the idyllic leap forward in technology depicted in Back to the Future: part 2 will turn out to be unrealistic. I want my damn hover board.
  3. I’ve already been referred to as a “travel” blog on the social media I frequent.

Not that I am ungrateful for this. Not at all. If I get any exposure at all outside my circle of friends, its that much more than I have bothered to get for myself at this point. Believe me, it’s appreciated.

This tag does present a few problems though. For one I feel that whenever someone mentions this blog in conversation (which must happen at least once each lunar cycle), they are doing this:

For two, I’m almost certain to run out of “travel” things to write about, and before long this will become a “nothing” blog. As such, I am determined to slowly drag my way back to credible travel blog status. Which means I need your help.

Believe it or not, I would love this blog to be of some actual assistance to someone when and if they decide to travel. So I am asking you, the less indifferent reader, to comment below with suggestions of things I should experience in London and its surrounds. If you’ve ever lived in London, been to London, or read about something good to do in London on a lavatory wall, I would love to hear your suggestions.

If this sampling platter of fine batch-brewed words (also known as this blog) makes it past the next lunar cycle or two, I’d also love to take your suggestions about wider Europe. But for now we’ll keep it local y’all.

Peace be the journey, thanks for reading. J

(don’t forget to comment)