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Thought I Left, Didn’t You? Nah You Should Know Better!

28 Mar

I can’t help but feel this is a case where, despite my usual disregard for my readership, I have to apologise. Therefore, I’m sorry.

You see, I’m reliably informed by the calendar on the right hand side that the last time I posted was somewhere between “ages ago” and “who the hell cares anymore?” I had honestly intended to post at least two to three times per lunar cycle, however as I will explain, things got in the way.

As I like to offer readers an alternative to reading on and a chance to “cut their losses” so to speak, here:


Before we move on I feel I should mention a few things. Firstly, the writing today may not be up to the same standards you’ve come to sporadically expect here. That is because I’m living in fear that the spider which crawled across my arm as I slept and was subsequently flicked in to the darkness is still lurking in said darkness, waiting for the chance to exact revenge and finish the job. Should he not show himself for a final battle shortly I believe the only option is to burn down the house.

Secondly, I am no longer living in the UK.

Sorry I meant to type "shocked" in to the image search.

Sorry I meant to type “shocked” in to the image search.

In the last few weeks I have indeed made the move back to Australia. It was decided some time before then, and I did want to keep my loyal readership informed. However between continuing full time work, packing and organising, and mastering Eagle-eye Cherry on the Ukulele, there wasn’t a lot of spare time.

From now on I will be continuing to write on here, but I’m starting to realise that to set expectations for my writing inevitably leads to disappointment for all involved. Therefore I will try to post as often as I feel I have something meaningful to write about without resorting to feeble attempts to make a story out of nothing.

Hopefully I won’t be struggling too much for content for a while, as there are still things I did overseas that I haven’t had a chance couldn’t be bothered to write about yet. In the meantime if you have an idea for a story, or a hoarder I can confront about their effect on the neighbourhood, please get in contact.


Safe travels, thanks for reading. J


The Elephant In The Blog: Le Ski France part 3

27 Jan



I feel we should start by getting things out in the open as I know there’s something you’re all thinking. Yes, this was the scene at the most recent BBS emergency board meeting. We were addressing the issue of why it has been somewhere between 19 and 21 days since the last post here.

The reasons are not relevant, nor interesting. But to whet your imagination I’m going to let you choose the one you think is most likely.

None of this really excuses my absence though. Especially considering I’ve since found out that a male flying ant has been born, mated (while in flight), and died in roughly the same amount of time since my last post. Don’t I feel like the underachiever.

Anyway, you’ll probably learn a little more about my absence in the coming weeks. In the meantime however, I am committed to providing you with light-hearted mind fodder on a slightly more regular basis.

This will start with a quick wrap of the ski France tour that happened too long ago but which I’m sure you need closure on. I’ve already mentioned the food was very impressive, and the hostel style accommodation was quite comfortable. On top of that, you got to get up everyday and head out to this:2012-12-26 11.47.22

And this:2012-12-24 16.19.12

The organisation of equipment and lessons was all handled by UCPA (the place we were staying, if you’ve forgotten). I think they may have done it a few times before, because the smoothness of the whole operation was very impressive. All equipment was fitted and issued upon check-in, and lessons were arranged according to skill and experience. 2012-12-24 10.26.39

I was in the intermediate group, taken by Mark (above right, wondering if “intermediate” means something different in Australian). Ordinarily I would’ve been pretty confident (almost cocky) because of my considerable three weeks previous experience on the slopes. However that confidence was taken out, along with my legs and a lift operator, in New Zealand last year as I tried to get on a chair lift. The fact I had been assuring my friends there was nothing to worry about only adds to their fond memories.

In any case, my friend and I braved the intermediate lessons. These promptly turned in to a snowball fight interspersed with some snowboarding, which surprisingly caused very little frustration from Mark (to his credit). When we did get to the snowboarding, we were able to improve our skills quite a bit. By all accounts, those who took the beginner lessons had a lot of fun too.  I must also credit Mark with his exceptional ability to conduct lessons in two languages.

Sadly, what seemed like a few days was actually a week, and it was time to leave. Our white Christmas had come, gone, and been enjoyed by all (not least because of my turkey hat, see earlier post). Snow sports certainly seem to be one of those things you either really enjoy or really don’t, but luckily if you’re a good sport you can still have fun if its not for you. Mad props certainly need to go to UCPA for their tidy operation, and some less mad props should go to Travel Talk for booking it (otherwise we never would have found it).

If you don’t mind, the sun is out now for the first time in about a month. So I’m going to leave it there. If you don’t hear from me in the next three weeks, I’ve been arrested by the ghost of a volcano for being a spy.


Safe travels, thanks for reading. J


Putting Your Mind At Ease: BBS Is Still On The Air…Web…Whatever

30 Sep

I have six minutes left on the internet at my local library so I will use it to disspell some slanderous rumour that have plagued this blog in the past few weeks:

  1. BBS has not been disbanded due to lack of ideas. If that was the case it would have been disbanded after about five posts.
  2. I have not been picked up by MI5 and extradited on suspicion of espionage.
  3. BBS WILL be returning, as soon as I have access to my computer again. Please be patient and more ‘travel’ writing will wind its way to you very soon!

Safe travels. J

Being Unfaithful: Trying to Keep My Words to Myself

8 May

An exceptionally short post today because I’ve no wish to assault your minds with more words than necessary. That is, after I tell you of my recent foray in to actual travel writing and not the usual “travel” writing I’ve become so unwell-known for.

Far be it from me to cross-promote, this is not like the times where “current affairs” programs find ingenious ways to crowbar the upcoming season of Dancing with the Stars in to the news. Although come to think of it, Boris Johnson has just been re-elected as the Mayor of London. He likes bicycles. In fact here is a picture of him using a bike and a handy disguise to avoid his wife.

Coincidentally, my post that you can find at the upcoming link is also about bicycles and the best things to do on them in London. You can find it here:

I’ve a terrible fear that the post will break my six-minute promise. But seeing as it is on another site, I have no intention of buying any homeless people wearable tents. Sorry if that makes no sense but if you go back and read a few posts, it should all become clear.


Safe travels, thanks for reading. J